Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My friends, my readers...

Since I've been on blog-hiatus for almost three months I've decided that the best way to kick start this page would be to follow a schedule where new content would be posted about three times a week.

As it stands I'm looking to fill Mondays with Sports. (Which I've been writing a bit frequently over at SB Nation under the non de plume: The Brain Part II, most of it deals with baseball and statistical analysis. Fun stuff.)

It's my plan to to devote Mondays (and possibly Tuesdays) with write-ups dealing with football and baseball from both a statistical and fantasy perspective - and complete with charts like this:

And this:

Fun stuff, I say!

On Wednesdays I'm looking to fill that spot with Politics and other matters of state. In all honesty, I'm not looking to get too political since I have found myself becoming increasingly fatigued by political discussion. Those who know me or have read my early posts know where I stand in this rat race but in today's highly divided, post-Rush Limbaugh/Christian Coalition atmosphere debate seems almost irrelevant which I find sad; yet since this is my blog and I still find myself following blogs that offer smart political and financial writing (some can be found here and here) then I'll do the same if I find what I want to discuss to be somewhat new or interesting (to me, at least).

Finally, on Fridays I'm looking to do a cultural write-up. This is a broad subject so everything from movies to food to comic(book)s will be on display. I actually have quite a few ideas for this part so filling this slot should be no trouble.

That's all. Hopefully I'll keep to this schedule; however, a few days next week may be stretching it since I'll be out of town but I figured I'd get this re-introduction out in the open and go from there.

Until then... my readers... my friends.


  1. Looking forward to Wednesday and Friday postings, Monday not so much.

  2. Just realized this was published like 3 weeks ago, WTF? Dude, don't promise when you can't deliver.