Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My friends, my readers...

Since I've been on blog-hiatus for almost three months I've decided that the best way to kick start this page would be to follow a schedule where new content would be posted about three times a week.

As it stands I'm looking to fill Mondays with Sports. (Which I've been writing a bit frequently over at SB Nation under the non de plume: The Brain Part II, most of it deals with baseball and statistical analysis. Fun stuff.)

It's my plan to to devote Mondays (and possibly Tuesdays) with write-ups dealing with football and baseball from both a statistical and fantasy perspective - and complete with charts like this:

And this:

Fun stuff, I say!

On Wednesdays I'm looking to fill that spot with Politics and other matters of state. In all honesty, I'm not looking to get too political since I have found myself becoming increasingly fatigued by political discussion. Those who know me or have read my early posts know where I stand in this rat race but in today's highly divided, post-Rush Limbaugh/Christian Coalition atmosphere debate seems almost irrelevant which I find sad; yet since this is my blog and I still find myself following blogs that offer smart political and financial writing (some can be found here and here) then I'll do the same if I find what I want to discuss to be somewhat new or interesting (to me, at least).

Finally, on Fridays I'm looking to do a cultural write-up. This is a broad subject so everything from movies to food to comic(book)s will be on display. I actually have quite a few ideas for this part so filling this slot should be no trouble.

That's all. Hopefully I'll keep to this schedule; however, a few days next week may be stretching it since I'll be out of town but I figured I'd get this re-introduction out in the open and go from there.

Until then... my readers... my friends.