Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Fast a Love Affair Can Change.... or Why I'm No Longer Excited to See Terminator Salvation

Just a mere two days ago I was so excited and jazzed to see the new Terminator movie this weekend but then reality (being the bitch it sometimes is) hit me when this review came pouring in.

Usually I stay away from reading reviews when it involves a movie I've already set my mind to see. If I hear any negative buzz then I'll just store it in the back of my mind and watch it anyway and come to my own conclusions but the thing that's been nagging me since I first heard about the film was its director, McG. Looking over the work of this guy all I remember seeing were the Charlie's Angels movies (once for each) and not being that impressed with either of them; not that they were bad movies they just seemed to.... exist.

And since those movies pushed its way into theaters and into homes (my girlfriend's kids always seem to turn on one of the Charlie's Angels when its on TV... God Damn You HBO!) all I've ever heard was how that master of self-promotion (McG, I'm still talking about) would be attached to this project (Superman before Bryan Singer) or that project (Wonder Woman after the studio let Joss Whedon go) and every time I came across those bits of news I would let out a silent groan. It's that same feeling I get when I hear that fatso hack Brett Ratner is attached to a cool project, although I am happy to hear he is finally off the Conan project. Here is another self-promoting asshole that I wish would stick to lame buddy action movies or music videos but, anyway, this blog has devolved into something very angry and heartbreaking and I'm still shocked that I've found the energy to blog about it.

p.s. at least my girlfriend Gail was happy to hear the news that we won't be seeing Terminator Salvation this weekend. After refusing to see Star Trek with me, which I remind her everyday how great it was, I guess she felt bad and figured she owed it to me to at least sit through this one. When I called her today about the bad news - she sounded relieved.



  1. Finally! -- a blogger with the nerve to trash McG! And you're not even using a fake name! You'll never work in Hollywood!